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The “Shared Screen”

By Katie on November 15th, 2014

Demoing a VR game can be a weird experience. If you’re not careful you end up with someone blindly waving their head around, while a group of onlookers watches in bemusement. To turn this into a much better event for everyone we needed a second, shared screen to bring the whole experience together.


Developer Talk and Smash Hit Plunder at Bossa’s September VR Meetup

By Katie on September 3rd, 2014

On Tuesday 2nd September we went to Bossa’s VR Meetup . Had a great time meeting some new people as they played Smash Hit Plunder. Scores were a lot higher this time around guessing as everyone was VR pro’s. What we did find was that everyone just loves the concept of the game, and that it was inherently fun! Thanks everyone.

Smash Hit Plunder at VR in a Bar

By Katie on August 4th, 2014

On Monday 28th July we showed off a much improved build of Smash Hit Plunder. It went down so incredibly well!

Gamesbeacon has a write up and gameplay footage.

Y Lle for S4C Welsh TV were there filming, and had a right laugh with our game. Nick nicely saying that our game was the best there, thanks! I’m sure Radial G will be awesome too.

Smash Hit Plunder revealed at LadyCADE

By Katie on July 19th, 2014

Friday 18th July was a big day for us. We crunched for 3 weeks to get from a paper design to a functional prototype that can give a snapshot of what Smash Hit Plunder will eventually be.