We are independent games developers, experienced in the big leagues. We have a passion for fun, light hearted, and manic local multiplayer gaming

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Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder “is one of Gear VR and indeed VR in general’s most curious and, much more importantly, fun upcoming videogames.”


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Software by Katie - 06-11-2016
Games Released     In Development     Experiences for Hire   These experiences have been designed for gaming events and exhibitions. If you are interested in hiring one of these titles, and entertaining...
Triangular Pixels Nominated for Develop Award '16 by Katie - 05-23-2016
We’ve been nominated for ‘New Studio’ at the Develop Awards to be held in Brighton, 13th July 2016. We’re are a tiny Micro Studio from Cornwall - but you would never of have guessed our size with the work we’re are doing in pushing Vir...
Why you really don't want Knightmare in VR by JC - 04-04-2016
or, How we went from Knightmare to Unseen Diplomacy. One of the great things about showing off any kind of VR to people is watching people's imaginations sparking when they start to think of the possibilities. People come up with all sorts of inte...
VR Games for all - Designing Unseen Diplomacy for Disabled Users by Katie - 03-31-2016
In Unseen Diplomacy you get to duck and crawl around like a secret agent, your body being the controller - but what happens if you are unable to do so? What if you find it difficult to be that physical due to having restricted movement? We rea...
Unseen Diplomacy released as an exhibit and on Steam by Katie - 03-24-2016
Play at home or at the National Videogame Arcade NOTTINGHAM, March, 24th, 2016 Ever wanted to be somewhere else?   Virtual Reality is the hot topic of 2016, and Triangular Pixels’ Unseen Diplomacy brings it right to your doorstep...