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Ludum Dare 32

18th – 20th April 2015
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Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder “is one of Gear VR and indeed VR in general’s most curious and, much more importantly, fun upcoming videogames.”


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A change to our events plans: Not just playtest - try and inspire and educate by Katie - 04-07-2015
Dual use events! Inspire and educate the next generation as well as play test. Our recent experience at Insomnia games festival has lead us to change how we’re going to be trying to show at future events, thanks to a 9 year old girl who just kept c...
Smash Hit Plunder Demo now out on Gear VR by Katie - 04-01-2015
Smash Hit Plunder is now available as a demo, on the Samsung Gear VR! Play Treasure Rush mode, in The Blacksmiths Forge. The aim is to look under and inside of objects to find as much treasure as possible in the time limit. Choose how you pla...
Gadget Panic by Katie - 04-01-2015
About Godzilla is attacking the city! Create robots to take him down. Originally created by Katie, John, and a very special artist guest - Douglas Tarasconi - for Ludum Dare 31 ​​in 48 hours. Play Web Windows OSX Android Screenshots Ov...
Rezzed 2015 with BAFTA Inside Games Arcade exhibition by Katie - 04-01-2015
Eurogamer’s Rezzed was held in London from the 12th to the 14th March, and thanks to BAFTA - Smash Hit Plunder was able to be shown at the event! We had nearly 700 people play, with both our Gear VRs on the go.   As BAFTA announced; “...
SouthWest VR Conference 2015 - A Talk in VR Design by Katie - 02-25-2015
25th February was the first ever SouthWest VR conference down in Bristol. We took along Smash Hit Plunder and our Gear VR’s down with two new comfort modes, new book UI, and a new game mode. I also did a talk “Allow them to believe:Lessons lea...