We are Cornish, independent games developers, experienced in the big leagues. We have a passion for fun, light hearted, and manic local multiplayer gaming.

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We’re currently working on an exciting new VR game, Smash Hit Plunder!


Smash Hit Plunder


VR espionage obstacle course Unseen Diplomacy!



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Blog updates

The Dyslexic Games Designer - How my hidden disability gives me my designer abilities. by Katie - 03-30-2017
Many of you will not know that I carry a hidden learning disability - Dyslexia. It can affect my daily life, it affected my education, and has shaped me as a person. I wanted to write up this blog post so I can share with you that having this disabil...
Tracker VR by Katie - 03-22-2017
As a side project we’ve been using the HTC Vive’s new Tracker devices to develop ways of tracking any external objects within the VR environment. Of course, we chose our pet cat as a starting point, so the project started off as being known as th...
World's First VR Tracked Cat! Vive Tracker VR Pet Hacking by Katie - 03-15-2017
We're starting a little side project, thanks to the trackers HTC have sent us!   The VR tracked pet! (/small child) It's a two part project, one part code, another craft. The aim is to give players a warning of unpredictable pets/ch...
Triangular Pixels visit Confetti! by Louise - 03-14-2017
Last week we had the pleasure of attending Confetti’s 2017 ‘Industry Week’. Confetti is an Institute of Creative Technologies, and Triangular Pixels went along to showcase Unseen Diplomacy. The industry week is all about bringing real-life expe...
Unseen Diplomacy nominated for a BAFTA award! by Louise - 03-09-2017
Thursday, 9th March 2017 Exceptional news for the Cornish Games Industry - Triangular Pixels, VR games studio from Bude, has had their game "Unseen Diplomacy " nominated for this years BAFTA Award for Games Innovation.   Unseen Diplom...