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Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder “is one of Gear VR and indeed VR in general’s most curious and, much more importantly, fun upcoming videogames.”


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Vr In A Bar Postmortem by JC - 09-08-2015
Recently we had another playtesting event, this time at the Loading Bar in Dalston, London. They run a semi-regular “VR In A Bar” night which we’ve been to a few times now and is always great fun - lots of people with all sorts of backgrounds a...
Navigating comfortably in VR by Katie - 08-20-2015
In Smash Hit Plunder, player enjoyment and comfort is our goal. As many in the VR community have started shouting louder about how important comfort is for VR applications, I’ve decided to record a new video and cover a little of what we’re doing...
Smash Hit Plunder PC to be playtested at VR in a Bar, 26th August by Katie - 08-11-2015
Fun news! We're going to be showing a Smash Hit Plunder PC build on an Oculus Crescent Bay at VR in a Bar.   Smash Hit Plunder is still only confirmed for Gear VR, but we're currently investigating other platforms. This is the first pub...
Tech by Katie - 07-22-2015
Consultancy We can come in and offer to help on a range of topics, for both games and non-game applications. For example, we may help with; * Starting your VR project * Tailoring your VR project to make sure that user are comfortable * Advanc...
London Vive VR Jam - The Hatton Garden Heist by Katie - 07-14-2015
Sneak into the facility to steal the jewels, climbing through ventilation shafts and dodging lasers, in The Hatton Garden Heist.   Using the high accuracy room tracking of the Vive, and a smart room loading system, physically maneuver your...