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Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder “is one of Gear VR and indeed VR in general’s most curious and, much more importantly, fun upcoming videogames.”


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Stare to Win - A Bad Trend in VR Design by Katie - 05-20-2015
There’s a gameplay decision that’s trending in VR games at the moment, and it’s starting to worry me. I call it ‘stare to win’, and I believe it’s having a negative effect on gameplay and VR games in general.   ‘Stare to Win’...
Planting new ideas - The Clover Project by Katie - 05-18-2015
On the 12th and 13th of May there was a special meetup of scientists and game developers thanks to The Wellcome Trust and GameCity. Katie from Triangular Pixels was one of the lucky few to be invited, to help sow the seeds of something new. &n...
Kicking and screaming - upgrading a GearVR project to Unity 5 by JC - 04-26-2015
Development on Smash Hit Plunder has been going for about 10 months now, and with multiple game modes, several rounds of optimisation and lots of user testing it’s a surprisingly complicated game under the hood. So when it came to upgrading to Unit...
Double Destruction Dev Blog 1: Coming up with the Concept - Influence & Approachable Design by Katie - 04-23-2015
As we're developing Double Destruction, we will be uploading blog posts as frequently as we can so you can keep track of what it's like to VR Jam! Today's development post is about how we came up with the concept and what our influences are. &...
Double Destruction by Katie - 04-21-2015
Triangular Pixels are entering Oculus VR Jam 2015! With our title Double Destruction. Download To play this game, you will need a Gear VR and one other Android device (another Note 4 is fine). The Gear VR player must install this APK (which is t...